This weekend we played at the Gold Hear Challenge in Topeka.  We started out a bit slowly in our Saturday morning pool, going 1-1-1.  But by the afternoon pool, the girls started playing better, winning all of our pool games going 3 -0.  Unfortunately, during our last game we were plagued by injury.  A collision on the court sent our setter to the emergency room, and a later play left our libero in a cast.  A team dinner Saturday night kept our spirits high.

Sunday morning was really challenging since we were missing some of our players.  For some of our girls this was the first two day tournament, and we simply weren’t used to the soreness.   We tried three different lineups to work it out and play on our level.  We finished our third pool of the weekend 1-2.

Despite the adversity, this was a very good tournament and the girls reacted to the change of lineups well.   Now we have three weekends off to rest and prepare for the Show Me Qualifier on April 8th.