This past weekend our girls were at St. Peter’s Rec Plex for H2 UA #10. The girls came out very strong to start the matches for the day. They ended up beating 2 out of the 3 teams in our pool and split with the 3rd team. We ended up coming out of pool play in 2nd because of a 10-point point difference!

Going into bracket play, Coach Camrey had to leave for an emergency and the girls realized that they weren’t just trying to win now for each other but also for Coach Camrey. Winning their first game of bracket play they knew that the next match would be a lot tougher. They came out talking and cheering for every point. Constantly having positive criticism towards each other to try to pull through and get the win. The coaches were very impressed with how they were strategizing together and changing things when they weren’t working.

The last set of this game was very exciting. We weren’t able to pull through for the win but it was a neck and neck game all the way to the end, losing 22-24. After this game, they really realized how important getting your serves in is.

Overall was a great day! The girls played with heart and showed leadership. We’ve really been working on attitudes and the positive attitudes really came out today.