OCT   27TH

5:30 – 7:30pm





Oct   27th

1:30 – 3:30pm





Oct   27th

8 – 10:15am





Oct   27th

11am – 1pm





OCT   28th

10:30am – 12:30pm



MAKE-UP   12S 


OCT   28TH

8:30 – 10am



MAKE-UP   13-14S 


OCT   28TH

1:30 – 3pm



933 replies
  1. Cheri
    Cheri says:

    Good Morning! My daughter attended one of your open gyms at Christian High in St. Charles. She loved it! Can you give me an idea of how many 13s teams you will be having and where you anticipate those practices to be held? We live in the St. Charles area, and practices in the South County area would be very difficult for us.

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    Confused by the changes— Is the National Team what used to be the Cardinal team? Are the 14U tryouts on Saturday for just one team now? Thanks

  3. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Cardinal still holds the same spot in the club. The national team will most likely be the top kids in a different geographical area but playing in the same region. The changes represent the desire to offer similarly talented players who are restricted based on geographical areas access to collegiate level coaching instruction. To date we have over 6 college head coaches and another 6 current assistant and former college Head and assistant coaches training our athletes at all levels.

  4. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I registered for pre-tryouts for my daughter who will be on 13’s on Friday the 19th at highland middle school. Now I see the only tryout is for 14’s national in highland. So, no local 13’s? Pre-tryouts are pointless for her then?

  5. Jen Wright
    Jen Wright says:

    Your daughter can benefit from instruction from many of our talented coaches at our clinics. 13 National tryouts have not been finalized yet.

  6. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    We are planning on having four 13s teams. We are in the process of finalizing the practice schedules for all of our teams. As of this moment, only 13 Cardinal is finalized for this age group. Check back often to see if the calendar has been updated.

  7. Robin Branson
    Robin Branson says:

    I am confused about the 13u tryouts…I am new to Club Volleyball. We live near Farmington, MO so traveling to St. Louis twice a week for practice would be very difficult with work schedules. So my questions are: Are the tryouts on Sunday, Oct. 28th in Farmington? and are practices held in the Farmington at all?

  8. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    The tryouts will be in St. Louis, however, the 13 Crush team will practice at Farmington High School, Arcadia Valley High School and/or Lesterville High School.

  9. Geoffrey Davis, Club Director
    Geoffrey Davis, Club Director says:

    Dear Potential 2012-2013 Players,
    This year we had and overwhelming, positive response to our Pre-Tryout Clinic Sessions. Each was designed with goal of getting you, the athlete, better and prepared to meet the challenges of the competitive tryout process. This weekend, each of you will have approximately two hours to showcase your talent for your favorite choice for club volleyball, and we truly hope that you are just a little more ready to do just that. We feel that playing for H2 would offer you a great opportunity to develop as a volleyball athlete. We do understand however that many of you will have a ton of choices this seasons and we hope that in some small way, we have been able to provide each of you a glimpse into what is in store for you this weekend. So, Good luck Athletes! We hope you achieve your goals by finding a team that allows you to grow both on the court and off the court. H2 stands for life lessons through volleyball…

  10. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    We won’t be fielding an 11’s team this year. Emails will be going out today to those who have pre-registered. Sorry!

  11. Robin Branson
    Robin Branson says:

    Is there a 14u team for the Farmington area? My daughter will be 14 in November. If so, which try-outs should she attend?

  12. Diane
    Diane says:

    What will the tryout fees be for 14s National /Highland. Is there a player Info sheet that can be filled out to take to tryouts?

  13. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Hi. Just want to make sure I’m seeing this right, since its different than when I was on the other day…. you will not be having an 11s team for 2012-13?

  14. Cari Strubhart
    Cari Strubhart says:

    I just wanted to say that my daughter attended the Highland tryout on 10-27 for 14U and the staff you have there where amazing… They truly made each girl feel special and taught each and every one of them something…. They are a very dynamic group of people and represent this club in such a good (amazing) way.. my husband and I both wanted this to be her club because of your people there…. My daughter has never played club ball before and this was our first year to try out.. even though we didn’t get a call … I felt the need to express our sincere appreciation for your people that you have on your coaching team… Great Job!!! (Just a FYI.. I am not sucking up… my kid didn’t make it but we are fired up for next year..)
    Hope you have a great season

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