Payment Schedule & Refund Policy

Player Development: Commitment Agreement
All of us at H2 Sports are committed to help and assist each and every player in regions that we operate in. We spend lots of time and resources to develop procedures that are current and effective. We exert this effort in order to find players who need our help and guidance along the path to college volleyball. We are committed to give you, the player, and the parents as much of our knowledge and time as possible to ensure your journey through volleyball is smooth and successful.

Once a player is selected and she accepts to play and represent H2 Sports Network, it is important to understand that she is committing 100% to her team and must be ready to compete and train. Our player selection process allows us to choose players throughout the regions that we operate in. You are competing with players from all of the areas institutions on one of our prestigious teams. If you are selected and commit to play, both H2 Sports and your teammates are counting on you.

Remember, the H2 Sports program will enhance your abilities and experience to better prepare you for college volleyball. College coaches expect you to be prepared to play at the collegiate level. Play hard and have fun!

Payment Plan Policy
Please note that if you elect to pay your balance on a monthly payment plan, you are responsible to ensure that the monthly payment will be processed on the date that it is scheduled with the payment information provided. Should the credit card or ACH information come back as invalid or declined in a given month, you will be subject to a $25 fee for that month, only if the issue goes unresolved after 48 hours.

If you are required to make ongoing monthly payments to finalize your registration fees to play, Training or Recruiting Event (including any fundraising efforts that you may be seeking for additional support), you are committed to adhering to the payment plan that has been created for you by Sports. In the event of any default under the terms of this agreement, you agree to be responsible for any and all collections costs, including court costs, interest and reasonable attorneys’ fees of twenty (20%) of any and all monies due. If any dispute arises out of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you hereby agree that the state of Missouri shall be the exclusive jurisdiction for resolution of any and all disputes and that Maryland law shall be applied to any action brought in state or federal court.

Player Development: Refund Policy
For all H2 events, a commitment fee* is required to secure participation. This commitment fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. For player cancellation in excess of 30 days from the event (including injuries, weather related occurrences, personal emergencies, schedule changes, and travel delays) any payments made prior to the event, over and beyond the commitment fee, are transferable without penalty to a future H2 events, as long as the event is within the same calendar year. For all cancellations that occur inside 30 days from the event, any payments made prior to the date of cancellation will be forfeited and may not be transferred to another event, or refunded, unless the player provides a doctor’s note clearly stating that she is physically unable to perform at the event. If a doctor’s note is provided any monies paid, other than the commitment fee, will be transferable to a future H2 Sports event within the same calendar year. Player fees will not be refunded.

H2 Sports National Tryout: Refund Policy
For all players participating in the H2 Sports Volleyball Tryouts, all fees will be non-refundable. Fees will be transferable to another  regional event if the player notifies H2 of the intent to tryout with another region including Illinois West, St Charles, St Louis, or HOA in Columbia.

H2 Sports Recordings Copyright Ownership
I acknowledge and agree that the copyright in and to any such video, audio, or audiovisual recordings, films or photographs (collectively “Recordings”), made by Volleyball Factory of my child’s participation in a H2 program, program shall belong solely to H2 Sports, and that any usage thereof by my child or by me, shall be under license, subject to any and all restrictions specified by H2 Volleyball. If H2 Volleyball makes a recording available for my child’s use on a website, or to share with college or sports teams recruiters or admissions personnel, I agree that neither I nor my child shall edit the recording, alter or remove any trademarks, logos, slogans or copyright notices of H2 Volleyball, and that I shall expressly require any third-party displaying, transmitting or streaming the video to abide by these restrictions. I agree that any violation of the foregoing license terms shall constitute automatic termination of my child’s and my license to use such recording, in addition to any other rights and remedies H2 sports may have, and that subsequent usage shall be unlicensed and copyright infringement.


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