This past Sunday the Columbia H2 17’s team played in an 18’s tournament in Highland, Illinois. The girls came out of pool play undefeated and kept winning until a tough championship game. I love how volleyball can teach more than just the game, it teaches life and this group of girls are learning determination and resiliency. They’ve been plagued with injury after injury yet they keep on fighting and this weekend they came away with another 2nd place medal because of their heart. The girls were already short 3 regular players and then had an outside hitter go down with a knee injury after the second game of the day. This trying time has shown the parents, coaches and players themselves that they’re pretty well rounded players who can step in wherever needed. Great job girls for taking on the challenge and stepping up, you are awesome young ladies! Special thanks to a couple girls who fell right into the team and played great. Thanks Jada Oldham (15’s Columbia team) and Kate Pani (16’s Columbia team) for helping these girls out this weekend, you both are amazing young players.