Shutout was the correct term for our pool play for multiple reasons. Right out of the gate it was obvious that 17 Cardinal was dug in for a long day of exciting volleyball! Eyebrows began to raise throughout the gym of 16 competing teams after we dominated a 19 – 0 shutout set in spectacular fashion during pool play. Showing no signs of letting up, the girls cruised to a 6 – 0 finish in pool, setting the stage by taking first seed in Gold Bracket play.

At times during the day all moving parts synced in harmony like a Swiss watch. One, first time attending, fan said “This is the most exciting volleyball I’ve ever
watched! While another fan simply had one word to say, “Dominating!!” These fans remind us of how special it is to watch a group of incredibly determined young women. When this team brings focus on a goal, they move as one instrument and like our fans say, it’s just fun to watch!

All this said, we’ll never arrive at a spot that we are content with. We had some incredibly good opportunities to learn from this day and we can’t wait to get to practice and apply our improvements as we long for our next challenge.

We are also hoping to be back at full strength soon. This was the first time we’ve had the majority together for tournament play due to injuries so there is still a learning curve ahead, but it is clear that we’re on an exciting path here early on.

Go 17 Cardinal!