This past weekend (2/20) the 161s Illini West team took on the PAO tourney at the Lamborghini Athletic Center. The team took a 6-0 match record this weekend during the pool games, placing us first during pool play. Our team was ready to take the Home Town Hitter during the first pool play. And we did. Between our our good serves, block and spikes we finished the game 19-14, 19-17. Winning this game put us at the final match against PAO RDA.

The game was a good game. Serves, block, spikes, slides, you name it. Mariah Valhkamp, libero, and Sam Kampwerth, our setter, helped keeping the ball playable by diving or going after the ball when needed. Alexa Hoelscher, Emily Stahl, Shanon Riley, Abbi Kempfer, Brie Gagen and Sydney Irizarry made sure that no ball was allowed to come into our court. At the same time they gave PAO a run for their money after every spike, tips and slides.

At the end, the final point was earned by forcing the girl hit to the out of bound, making us the champions of the game. The girls were beyond excited. They demonstrated that working as a TEAM we can do anything. Two of our players, Lili Dircks and Allie Litzenburg, did the best job serving to our opponent teams, which at time they score aces while serving. Final score, 25-20, 25-16.

Congrats 161 Illini West!!! Nice way to earn your 1st place and Gold Medal!