H2 15 Cardinal had their debut in the Premier Invitational League this weekend.   They started the weekend off with two close games with HP Orange but couldn’t hold on to get the Ws, resulting in 0-2 record to start the day. They then faced STL Powerhitters were they took the first game easily only to let Powerhitters take the second set from them.  This forcing a 3rdmatch where H2 15 Cardinal dominated their opponent and won 15-9 taking the match! They dropped two sets to Momentum Orange and they ended the day Playing HP White grabbing two victories!  The team finished the day with a record of 2/2.

Sunday H2 15 Cardinal showed up to play by beating PAO Green buy 10+ points each set.  Final match of the weekend they faced Momentum White.  The team played very aggressively and both sets were point for point.  Unfortunately, we dropped two sets to our opponent ending the weekend 25/21 25/20.

Great weekend for the team ending with a record of 3/3.  We continue to develop our defense and focus on our serve receive.  We have had a great start to our season with a set record of 22/12.  We are heading to the Central Zone Invitational this weekend in Indy!