H2 12 UA had the weekend off; however, the team did a fun team activity last week that we wanted to share with the club.

The girls were tasked with thinking about what made a good teammate. The challenge was that they could only use one word to describe their idea of a good teammate. After some discussion amongst themselves, everyone came up with a word and at the next practice, the coaches wrote the word on each girl’s arm and we took a team picture. Interestingly, the words that were chosen to describe a good teammate had nothing to do with specific volleyball skills, but instead were words that would fit for any sport or activity. The picture we took was purposefully devoid of faces as we want to be known as a team, not a group of individuals. The girls have quickly come to realize that we will only be as good as the sum of all of our parts.

We now gear up for our big President’s Day tourney where we will be playing in the open division ready to test ourselves against some of the best teams in not only the region but in the midwest.

Go H2!