H2 15 Crush Makes Tremendous Showing in 17s Tournament

The H2 15 Crush team played in the H2 17s Tournament this Saturday. In pool play, Crush defeated the 17s Powerhitters in three straight sets. They then played H2 16 Under Armour. After losing the first set 15-19 in a hard fought battle, they went on to win the next two sets, 19-11 and 20-18 to emerge first in their pool. During the first round of tournament play, they defeated TESL 17 Red to continue on to the semi-finals. H2 15 Crush then played H2 17 Cardinal (who went on to win the tournament) in a tough match where they lost 15-19 and 16-19.

Once again, H2 15 Crush demonstrated powerful hitting, dynamic blocking, and fantastic saves. This team continues to improve with every tournament. We are excited to play in the upcoming Indy Qualifier this weekend!

H2 15 Crush Goes Undefeated AGAIN

H2 15 Crush had another amazing day last Saturday at the Gametime Sports 12-team tournament in St. Peters. The team went undefeated in pool play defeating the Hometown Hitters, MOVA Gold, and Blue Dragons to advance to the gold championship. In the semis, the girls defeated the Club Gemini Comets 19-10 and 19-11 to advance to the championship game. During the championship game, the girls began with a commanding lead, led by strong blocking, powerful hitting, and amazing saves to defeat Attack 15s, 25-8 and 25-13.

This team continues to improve each tournament. They play with determination and drive and are so much fun to watch! This is H2 15 Crush’s third gold medal and third undefeated tournament this season.


H2 Crush wins Park Hills Tournament

H2 15 Crush went undefeated this Saturday at the Park Hills Tournament. After a strong showing in pool play, they went on to defeat a tough Gemini Comets team for first place in two straight sets, 25-23 and 25-16! This was their second gold medal out of three tournaments they have participated in.