Not Ourselves…But We Will Make It…

I was going to bypass this week’s “Blog”, but decided to send one out. Our team played well, but not at the competitive nature we are accustomed to seeing in us.  In our “end of day huddle” on Saturday, I suggested to the team that some days you have to wipe out times of struggle and not dwell on them; we were good at times, but we struggled at times.  I expect us to bounce back at our next upcoming tournament.

In stating the above, here is the message that I sent to everyone at the beginning of our season (20 Nov):

“My focus for the season is skill improvement; my objective is to teach important skill work that will support the growth of player development, while playing in high levels of competition.”

Because of our successes, we cannot lose focus on what my (our) goals were that was set for this team. We must continue to improve at each practice / match we participate in; this should be our focus throughout the season.

Practice: I will introduce a new practice format from now until the end of our season.  I plan to practice for only 90 minutes, and then provide 30 minutes of individual training and/or specific training geared towards one or many; it will be conducted like I run my private lesson sessions.  I look forward to our final month of the season!

Coach Warren