H2 Illinois West Black Back on Top

It’s been a few weeks since we have seen H2 Illinois west in the top of their tournament, but at the H2 Sports Under Armor #22 tournament on March 31, the girls took home the gold! The girls started the morning pool play off rather well with taking on H2 STL Crimson but lost a set to the 4th seed team and that was a wakeup call to the girls of how much better they could play. After a small break the girls came back to beat Team Momentum 13. The girls received a buy into the semi- finals which ended up being against H2 STl Crimson, the girls knew this particular match wasn’t going to be easy since they had already beat them, its hard to beat a good team more than once. However, the girls came out on top to be one of two teams in the finals. The team faced PLVC 141 for the championships and the girls wanted the Gold status for this tournament. The team was super aggressive and made sure balls were not going to drop on our side. Through out the whole day Addison Rodes was a monster at the net! She was super aggressive with overpasses and made sure she owned that front row. Maddie Vieth was another stand out for the weekend. Maddie was taking big swings and made smart decisions on where she hit. She took a full approach on secondary set balls that most would have tipped or free balled over! This was the most aggressive I had seen her all season. Wit a few of the girls having a stand or day the team started to learn to come together, whether winning or losing. After any point the girls came together to show support and team work, they saw the overall success that aspect of the game brought to the team. We’ve been striving for this attitude all season, that win or lose we did it together. This lesson came at an opportune time. Next week the girls head to Regionals and the next week is the Show Me National Qualifier. I cant wait to see what the next two weekends have to hold for these girls and I’m excited to see how they will respond to some top teams!