H2 14 Illini West Red Continues to Move Up the Ranks!

After a few weeks off from tournaments, the ladies of Illini West Red 14’s came back very prepared at the PAO Challenge in St. Charles, Missouri this past Sunday. While previously not meeting their full potential in pool play, the girls set a new standard by coming in first place in their pool, with Aerowyn Harris excelling in both the front and back rows. Learning that they were in the gold bracket for the first time this season, the girls were ecstatic; both parents and coaches were proud. Once again facing H2 13 Under Armour, the girls came out strong and ready to play, and even went point for point near the end. Unfortunately, we came up a little short, but in no way were we disappointed. Words can not describe how proud we are of the girls this weekend, and we all look forward to improving and taking home the gold. Thanks to all those who came to support, including our team mascot, Maddie Vieth, from H2 14 Illini West Black, seen in the pictures below, and able to be heard from courts away. Let’s go Red!