The H2 Illinois West Black team took home third place at the March Madness tournament. The tournament took place on March 4th at the TESL center. The girls started the day stronger than we normally have been by making great plays and lining up well on blocks! The girls were ready and extra awake since it has now become our morning ritual to play our favorite game, “knee pad tag”. The girls won the first two matches but split the last game against MOVA in sets. However, the girls were ready to go when they knew they had MOVA in their last pool play, we lost to them once and we were sure they weren’t going to lose again. By beating them in overall points we were seated first in the bracket play. Addison Rodes was our leading player in swings and even touch blocks. With having Addison in the middle she was closing to the outsides really well and getting touches to slow down the ball for our backrow to get great passes! While Addison was slowing down the balls, Allison Woolbright was making plays we hadn’t seen her make all season. Not only was she being a great Libero, she earned Libero especially with the hard work she has been showing the last few weeks at practice! The girls were giving some perfect passes to our setters to set! In the first round of bracket, the girls just couldn’t get balls to go their way. They were making great plays but couldn’t put runs together against Rockwood thunder. I’m very excited to see how the rest of the season goes!