We Did Not Win….But We Did

Overall SWIC Tournament Set Record: 3 – 7

Pool Play
0 – 2 Vs Black Diamond VBC 17
1 – 1 Vs CC Elite VBC 17
0 – 2 Vs NSSC 172
(4th Place Finish)

Silver Bracket
2 – 1 Vs Serves U Right

Silver Bracket Final
0 – 2 Vs CC Elite: 0 – 2

“We did not win…but we did” is just my thought of how our day went. Granted our team has only two out of eight players who are actually 16. The remaining six are comprised of 14 and 15 age players, and this was a 17’s tournament; I wanted to enter a higher bracketed tourney prior to the big upcoming President’s Day Tournament to prepare us for a multitude of talent across the mid-west and surrounding regions… Regardless of finishing 4th (1 – 5) in Pool Play, this team of ours showed me that they are capable of playing in high levels of competition.

We were strong throughout the day with no domination from any team we played. Our struggles were mind (psyche) based, not physical or skill deficient. I believe this is positive because we are developing to become better competitive high level players, as a team. I believe this is positive because we finished 6th out of 8 teams, but I saw our true ability (today) to have finished 3rd in a 17’s tournament.

We should have….but we did not… however we learned what our true abilities are (and are not, which we will improve on)….so we did not win…but in my opinion, we won; now we just need to apply those lessons learned, put it all together…and show it!

Coach Warren