17 Black Dominates UA Tournament

17 BlackThe girls of the 17  Black team played excellent in the 17U H2 UA tournament on 3/8/14.  We started out seeded #1 overall and the girls made sure that we stayed there!  They played some great games showing off their skills, they did a ton of spot serving!  All of the girls were firing on all cylinders making for an exciting and fun time.  We had our ups and downs, playing down to a lower level at times, but the girls showed their mental toughness skills and shook off the laziness to continue to play at up to their level.  The championship match was the best match we had all day.  We played the Flying Jays 16’s team.  While they were shorter, they had excellent defense and serve receive.  It put our teams skills and mental toughness to the test.  We had to overcome them digging almost everything we dealt them and then combat their perfect passing!  In the end the girls just continued to do what they do best and that is pound the ball at the other team.  Molly and Megan just continued to beat the ball at them from the outside, Victoria and Jessica put up continuous blocks and hits as well.  Emily came alive in this last game putting up great blocks and kills while Lexie and Kelsie did an amazing job in the backrow ensuring that their passes to Anna were perfect 90% of the time!  Anna continued to show her skills mixing up the setting while ensuring that we kept getting kills and great hits!  It was an awesome display of volleyball, with H2 coming out on top in two sets.  Way to go H2 17 Black!!

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