16 Crush Wins The Mineral Area College Championship!

16 Crush, fresh off of a second place finish last weekend, turned up the heat again at Mineral Area College Invitational where they completed a 10-0 Run to take 1st in Gold and to complete its second Gold Championship in as many tries at Mineral Area.


Coach Deb Charleton & Crush took charge in the first match and never looked back.  Club Director Geoff Davis was on the bench with the squad this weekend and was thrilled at the energy on the court.  “These girls are a model of unity and effort. They have so much fun together, they show tremendous support of each other and they show a tremendous amount of poise on the court.  It’s clear that many of these young ladies could play volleyball well into college if they wish.” And it’s clear that all the parents have just as much fun supporting their champions!


Only once showing signs of trouble, they let one opponent get a 9 point lead, then showed the tremendous poise in coming back to not only win, but they let no other team even get close to them for the rest of the day.


“I hope to get the opportunity to spend more time with these girls during the rest of the season.  They are truly fun to watch and I look for continued great things out of this group.”

Check out video clips below:

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