15 Cardinal Wins Gold in Memphis

15CardinalMLKLast weekend 15 Cardinal as well as numerous other H2 teams traveled to Memphis, TN to play in the annual MLK weekend tournament. After arriving the whole team took a trip to Beale Street for some sight-seeing and dinner at an old school diner called Dyers. Old school should be taken very literally as the grease they used to make the hamburgers is the same grease they have been using since 1912! Happy with a full belly the girls traveled back to the hotel to dream of volleyball and gold. The next morning the girls came out ready to play with the pursuit of gold in mind, and ended up with a record of 3-0 sending them to the gold bracket. Sunday morning the girls started off a little slow, but were able to keep it together and win their first match. After that each game got better and better. There were some hiccups in serve receive and coverage, however the defense was passing nails allowing our offense to really shine. Midway through the day one of our setters got ill, but the girls rallied together and persevered heading into the final match without skipping a beat. This was one of the best games 15 Cardinal has played. The middles were a force to be reckoned with at the net, both in blocking and hitting, with a very memorable kill for Hilary Hightower. The defense was very aggressive and the offense was smart. With both aspects working well together 15 Cardinal was able to get the win and the gold!  The team is now 39-3 and has won all three tournaments they have participated in. The coaches were really impressed with the strong serving they saw all weekend, it was key in getting the girls out of some jams. We also want to congratulate all of the other H2 teams on their success!

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