Welcome to H2 Sports Worldwide, LLC.  The following information has been prepared for you to provide you with as much information about our club season as possible. There are many aspects of the H2 Sports Worldwide, LLC. Club that you will need to consider before you invest the time and money, so please use this guide to assist you in that decision. We hope you will keep this handbook as a reference throughout the season for many of the questions you may have. It is also our hope that this will be a positive and productive volleyball experience for each individual player. Our goal is to further develop volleyball skills for all girls, while encouraging a love for the game.

USAV Volleyball is one of the leading amateur sports organizations in the United States, providing millions of amateur and professional volleyball players at all age group and ability levels the opportunity to train and to play volleyball.

The purpose of both AAU and USA Junior Olympic program is to offer youth an opportunity to become involved in a wholesome and beneficial athletic activity which they can pursue at various skill levels. It is a chance for all athletes to receive high quality instruction in skills development and team strategy. These programs should be an extension of learning from the Junior and Senior High School program and a natural bridge between youth and college volleyball and/or adult volleyball.

AAU & USA Junior Olympic volleyball competition program runs from January to June for the Elite teams and January to May for the competitive teams. The competition is offered on a Regional and National level.

H2 Sports Worldwide, LLC was founded on the philosophy that volleyball skills of individual athletes, would be enhanced if these student athletes were given the opportunity to train and compete in volleyball at a very high level.

The emphasis is on the development of the individual’s volleyball skills while teaching the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation. While winning is an important team goal, participation by each individual is stressed, with the focus on improvement in performance rather than winning as the ultimate goal.

Every effort is made to locate coaches knowledgeable in the sport of volleyball as we strive to maintain a high level of skill in our training sessions. All coaches go through training sessions and are encouraged to strive for a national certification program.

H2 Sports Worldwide, LLC’s goal is to provide as many athletes as possible with the opportunity to participate on one of our Club’s teams. The size of the Club is limited by the number of quality coaches available, as well as the availability of indoor practice facilities.

A player is eligible to play for H2 Sports Worldwide, LLC  after qualifying through tryouts. Tryouts are held on according to schedules outlined which usually fall on the 3rd or 4th weekend in October ( 10s – 14’s ) and the 3rd weekend in November ( 15U and above ). Schedules will vary based on region and organization ( USAV or AAU ). During tryouts, players are put through a series of athletic and volleyball skill tests by coaches and ranked based upon their performance. Team selections are made based upon performance at tryouts. Our staff may waive the tryout requirement for some players if injury or illness has prevented a tryout. In these instances, a member of our coaching staff will evaluate the player to determine the player’s current athletic and volleyball skill level.

After the tryout period, players are placed on the various teams according to skill level. Players are further evaluated during the first several practice sessions. The objective is to put together teams with players of similar athletic and volleyball skills who will fill the various positions on each team (i.e. setters, middles, outsides etc. ). Travel will also be a consideration. After the initial team selections are made, players will stay with their team during the remainder of the season, except in certain circumstances or injuries. However, occasionally transfers are made.

To remain eligible a player must attend practice regularly. Player and/or parent attitude may adversely affect eligibility for the Club. A player may not be eligible if the club determines that participation could be disruptive or detrimental to the Club.

Transportation to and from tournaments, practice, and other activities is solely the responsibility of the player’s parents and is not a function of the Club. We encourage you to organize carpools to both tournaments and practice as a way to share expenses and to get to know each other better.

Each parent is responsible for getting their daughter to each tournament. It is also the parent’s responsibility to arrange for a ride for their daughter if they are unable to attend. Parents should offer to share the expense of gas if carpooling with another family. The Club and its representatives are not subject to any liability for damage or injury which may result from the transportation of players.

Players will never be left alone with a coach or another parent for any reason. If two players are waiting for parents to pick them up, and one parent arrives, they must wait with the remaining player until her parent gets there to pick her up.

Travel to all local Regional tournaments will be by car. Parents will be responsible for car pooling their daughters. No reimbursement for gas will be given for transporting teams to local Regional tournaments. A coach will not be allowed under any circumstances to transport a player alone in his / her car for any reason. Should a player be left alone, the coach will wait until the player contacts a cab to pick her up. The players family will be responsible for the cost.

On occasion, Region tournaments are scheduled in areas outside of the St Louis Metropolitan Area. Transportation, meals and lodging costs will need to be assumed by the families for those weekends. It should be noted also that these tournaments are a lot of fun for your daughters!