14 Cardinal Shines!

14Cardinal2Saturday we began our journey on the road to nationals.  It was our first tournament play and I can surely say we as a H2 family can walk away proud.

I not only got to help coach our wonderful 14 Cardinal girls today, but had the pleasure of watching and interacting with every other H2 team in attendance.

14 Cardinal came out the gates  pretty solid and steadily climbed set after set, match after match. We finished pool play undefeated and not to mention with a 59+ point spread.  After a series of H2 v H2 games, we made it to gold finals against Momentum Navy.

14Cardinal3The first game we won 25-21. We spent the first game learning how to play their game instead of plugging the work into our equation and playing ours. Nonetheless a victory. Second game we set out to correct that and correct that we did. Ava Mitchell came out the gate with a monster serve giving us a 14 to zip lead. Our middles Makenzie Head and Jesse Miller connected with our setters proving how much of a powerhouse we can be with our middle attack. All of the players there played an instrumental part in each point. The hard work and dedication that we as players, parents, and coaches is paying off big. We went on the win the Final game 25-8 by playing OUR game! 

Today all the girls from all the H2 teams made us as an H2 Family proud…and since it was an H2 hosted tourney, it wouldn’t be fair unless an H2 team took home the gold.

H2 on 2…

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