The Columbia 15’s team had their second round of Power League play this past weekend and had a good day showing signs of greater things to come. Power league is the best of the best and they’re hanging with many teams and celebrating some good wins as well. When you want to get better at the game you should play with the best competition you can and that’s what these girls are doing. Although their wins column isn’t what they want at this point the knowledge and experience they are gaining in these matches is going to make them smarter, stronger and better prepared.

The girls are learning team cohesion on the floor and getting much better at communicating, however; Coach Case reminded them just how much of this game we call volleyball is mental toughness. In fact, the girls had a little fun preparing for one of their matches with a “yes you are” mental game. Coach Case is great at seeing what these girls need to work on and finding creative ways to fix it. We saw some new offensive plays and the girls defense had a good progression throughout the day.

These girls are very hard workers and we look forward to a great weekend at the Lori Endicott tournament this coming Saturday and Sunday.