This past weekend our girls headed to Belleville West for the Ice Volleys Tournament on Sunday. It was a bit of a slow start for our first match, splitting sets but coming out with a higher point ratio. After having a talk again about what we can and can’t control, our attitudes and effort, 16 Black finally showed up and ended up receiving first in our pool beating the rest of the teams in our pool in 2.

Sitting on the bench or the sidelines, one was able to see the excitement and happiness on the girls faces while playing the whole day. They were genuinely having fun and winning while doing it! When playing in the semi-finals, the girls really came out and put everything they had into this match to win and move on to the championship match. The girls used their energy from the previous game and were able to pull through the championship match and win 2-0! Overall was a very exciting day for 16 Black. It’s funny how things fall in place when we have great attitudes, put in the effort, and play like a team.