After dismantling a great young 13s Imperial Intensity group in two straight sets to reach the championship match, we got some wonderful sisterly love from our H2 12 Under Armour right there to high five us after our win. They were on their way to play for the silver championship. In our gold championship match, 13 Crush came out strong taking the first set. Lots of credit to finals opponent 13 NW Cat Attack for weathering our storm and putting together a solid performance. In the end 13 Crush fell just a couple points shy of taking 1st Place.

As a coach, I will Never rate our team on where we finish, but rather on how well we maintain great mental fortitude. With great attitudes on display today, it enabled us to learn and adapt very quickly. We asked many of the girls to play positions that they had never been introduced to before. Because they are so mentally strong, nothing will ever be too big or profound for them and they embrace change! Like fish to water this special group of girls will take to anything asked of them. They are intense competitors, but as humble as they come. They truly enjoy this game and each other.

This tournament also helped us to recognize some opportunities for improvement in our defensive base read player positioning and transitioning to attack areas, so we are excited to get back to the gym to sure up these things. In January, we worked extremely hard on passing, and boy it really shows. Our passing kept us in-system nearly all day! Setting and attacking were both very good today and promise to be even better as we improve our development of transition skills.

Proud of 13 Crush. Thanks for adapting today! You make hard work SO much FUN!