From the Parents:

I realize “my daughter”  isn’t the 6’3″ player you originally emailed me about wanting to train but I would like to thank you for inviting her to play with you this spring/summer anyway. I can honestly say that she/we have enjoyed everything about H2 and more specifically you thus far. In three practices “my daughter”  has gotten more out her involvement with a team than she’s gotten in three years of club ball. Not that all of her coaches & coaching has been bad but none have had the dedication and commitment to actually teaching the game that you have. The step by step breakdown of hitting, positional play, and cerebral knowledge of the game you are instilling in these girls is nothing short of amazing to me.

I know that what she is getting this spring will make her one of the best players on the court for “her high school”  come this fall. Including two University run positional camps, the money spent with you and H2 has been the best investment in her volleyball training by far. I’m glad I reached out and  talked to you about H2 Volleyball Club’s training capabilities.

Thank you so much for that and for your dedication to the game…and more importantly to my daughter.

Kind Regards,


Geoff, Taylor is so happy playing with your 16’s team. She has found a passion in volleyball that I don’t believe she would have found anywhere else but H2.

I will admit that in the very beginning I found the parental effort to be a chore. My husband and I feel much differently now. We see a fire in Taylor and we are as excited to watch her practice and grow as much as watch her in a game.  H2 does not disappoint. We love the coaching and we observe how much the coaches give of themselves to the girls. It is a gift and we are very grateful.

Thank you for welcoming Taylor and us into this fabulous H2 family.

Sincerely and with a thankful heart,

Geoff, Thank you so much for all the work you did with the LHSS girls this past season. Abigail truly grew as a player.  Her dad and I appreciate your guidance, inspiration and patience. She enjoyed the time she spent with you and the H2 coaching staff immensely.

Hi Geoff! My daughter Lauren attended your 14s volleyball tryouts yesterday.  We didn’t know much about H2 at first, but she attended a few of the open gyms at Whitfield and really liked the energy and enthusiasm exhibited by you and your coaches.  I wanted to compliment you on a fabulous tryout that you ran yesterday!!!  I enjoyed the opening comments you made to the parents and your vision for the girls.  I really appreciated that your selection process was private and empathetic to the girls that didn’t get chosen.  My daughter and her friend didn’t make H2, but they left the tryout feeling inspired, rather than let down.  Their self-esteem is so fragile at this age, that it’s heartbreaking to sit through multiple rejections in one day.

We were so impressed with H2 that we plan to do more summer clinics and open gyms next year at your club.

See you across the net Geoff!!!

From the Players:

Ummm… Wow!! Thank you for encouraging and working with my Kasia girl!! You don’t even know how much we appreciate you. The love and passion she carries for this game is unbelievable. You made her smile walking out of that gym last night after a very testing day. THANK YOU!!

Thank you for everything coach. You’ve really pushed me to the limit and I am extremely thankful. I have reached milestones in my volleyball career that I never thought possible. Thank you, coach. I will always remember it.

Coach Geoff,
 Thank you for these past three years. You have taught me so much about volleyball, life and how to work with other people. These are valuable lessons that will stick with me for life. Thank you! With lots of love.

Thank you so much for 1. putting up with us 2. helping us improve 3. being hilarious. You’ve truly impacted us all.

Dear Geoff, 
I was sitting in class today and our teacher told us to reflect back on our lives and think about someone who has made a positive impact. For me, that person is you. Thanksgiving is coming up and as humans, we sometimes take the people and occurrences in life for granted and never truly take the time to thank them. So, I just wanted to say thank you! For everything. Without you and the kind heart that you have, I would not be where I am at today. I don’t know what it was, but you saw something in me and made it so that my dreams came true. From making me a libero, to being my coach and then to being a role model and friend, I truly couldn’t image where I would be if I hadn’t met you. You are such an amazing father, husband, coach and friend! You are always making others laugh and you are one of the most positive people I know. Thank you so much for everything Geoff-rah! I really do appreciate you and all that you have done! Love ya coach!