17 Illini Black placed 1st at PAO Tournament, 28 January 2017

This weekend our H2 STL 17 Illini Black continue their season stronger that ever with a great win at the PAO Tournament on Sunday, 28 January 2018 placing first in Gold.

Our ladies started the morning a little slow splitting 2 games against CCElite and Volleyball Pro 17 National. After a few hit and missed and couple conversation between the team, the team came back taking the final pool game against JNVBC winning both set 19-16 and 19-9 placing us second place in pool play and sending us to Gold playoffs.

The ladies did not stop there. They knew they wanted to finished strong and take the win. They target was set and they were not ready to lose their games. We started to work harder as a team and that is when the fun started. Between Ally Grabowski great assistant coaching support, Abby J strong middle hits, Allie, Machala, Taylor, Tayler’s great blocks and hits, Claire’s sets and dump across the net, Jacqueline, Nicole, Abby W great back row coverage and defense and Abby G final great serves, our team took the last two games in three sets and place 1st in Gold. First playoff score against JNVBC was 19-12, 15-19 and 16-14. The championship game score against HTH was 10-19, 19-16 and 15-13, placing us first in Gold.

We have a great group of young athletes. After losing a few sets the team demonstrated that hard work, and be resilient on the court after a few mistakes, we can come back and take the tourney like a storm. Remember, “Never, never, Surrender” Winston Churchill.
Go H2 STL 17 Illini Black