Small, But Steady Steps

Crossfire Tournament
Pool Play: 3 – 3
We spilt with every team in Pool Play which by points landed us in Silver

We went undefeated in Silver Bracket: 4 – 0
Silver Champions!

What does this mean? To me it means we are taking steps towards getting better and better to compete at the level commensurate with our age group and higher… To me it means that little by little our team is learning…learning how to play…yes how to play. Everyone who joined this team, in my opinion, did not know how to play competitive volleyball. I am sorry; I do not mean to slight the team or their previous coaches…you all played volleyball, but not competitive volleyball…not advanced volleyball. And from what I am seeing tournament by tournament, you are learning it; advanced volleyball.

What about practices…in practice you are taught the concepts of advanced volleyball, but you do not play it. In practice we scrimmage advanced volleyball styles, but you do not play it. You only play advanced volleyball during a select (not all) of varsity high school matches (regionals, sectionals, and state), Club Tournaments, Qualifiers, Regionals, and Nationals… You see advanced volleyball is a mentality. Doing the best you can do, above all the rest, all the time. I am not stating that committing errors is not being at your best…you can have errors and be at your best, but if you have errors playing average to lower than that, then it is difficult to play competitively.

No team dominated us to win this past Saturday; we lost points and momentum on our errors. However each of our team players made outstanding feats, some lasting throughout entire matches…that’s the whole concept of playing competitive volleyball…advanced volleyball… your best consistent playing ability. Good job team; more will be required of you….

Last practice I stated working towards a bid at the INDY Qualifier… with small steady steps we will get to be a very competitive team in INDY, but we must have everyone playing at their best together (consistently) as a team. Let’s set our sights on that…advanced volleyball….small, but steady steps… 3 weeks to go!

Coach Warren