Day 1:

Match Win/Loss Record: 1 – 2
Early morning struggle to be “ourselves”
Ended on a good note to win last match convincingly (2 – 0)
Team outing at NCAA Hall of Fame!!! (3 Thumbs Up)
Team and Parent Pizza Dinner!!! (3 Thumbs Up)

Day 2:

Match Win/Loss Record: 3 – 0
Afternoon matches; we competed in everyone!
2nd match we came back for a second set 10-0 deficit. We won match in 2 straight sets.
Won last match in 3; highlight of the night!!!!
Team and Parent Dinner (CHINESE!!!!) and plenty of it… Parents are awesome!!! (3 Thumbs Up)

Day 3:

Match Win/Loss Record: 0 – 1
Good note; in our class of the MEQ, we made it to the highest (Diamond)
Bad note; we failed to compete…we struggled to get team cohesion and consistent court play
Good note; I truly believe as a team we understand what it takes to be competitive; we learned that through each day of the Qualifier; now we prep for Regionals!

Additionally this was a very good event for our team; we were all together for 3 days, both on and off the court. I saw the team in a different light and the team saw their coaches in a different light. Parents were the backbone of the MEQ; they supported the structure of planning set aside for the team and everyone enjoyed the times we all had together. Outstanding event!