2016 – 2017 Roster

3Zoe Byron6th GradeLiberty Middle School5’0″Right
7Chase Chrenka5th GradeWoodland Elementary School4’9″Right
2Sydney Davis5th GradeWoodland Elementary School5’3″Right
8Sara Gouy5th GradeWoodland Elementary School4’9″Right
10Ashlyn Hauk6th GradeLiberty Middle School5’1″Right
9Mackenzie Heberer6th GradeLiberty Middle School5’2″Right
12Morgan Hogue6th GradeLiberty Middle School5’2″Right
4Jena Holder6th Grade Liberty Middle School5’2″Right
13Megan Knobeloch5th GradeCassens Elementary School5’0″Right
11Grace Malawy4th GradeCassens Elementary School4’4″Right
5Hanna Matarelli5th GradeCassens Elementary School4’5″Right
6Julia Melosci5th GradeCassens Elementary School4’8″Right


Patrice Gouy 12 Cardinal Head Coach

Richard Malawy 12 Cardinal Assistant Coach

Julie Matarelli 12 Cardinal Assistant Coach

H2 Cardinal Had an Amazing Weekend of Play

The girls showed teamwork and motivation to strive for success. Saturday, April 1, 2017, H2 Cardinal competed in an 8 team tournament at Principia College. In pool play, they competed...

H2 12 Cardinal 2nd Place in Gold Championship

On March 4, 2017, H2 12 Cardinal participated in an 8 team tournament with Stratman Sports Series at Hancock schools. The participating teams were (6) HPSTL and (2) H2 teams...