For 15 UnderArmour, finishing 5 th in 15s Power last weekend at the Memphis MLK tournament, signals a strong start to our season. After a big weekend Icecalypse* out, 15 UnderArmour missed the opportunity to benefit from some higher-level play, and as a result, came into the Memphis MLK with a mission to perform beyond expectations, and that they did. They competed against some strong teams and did well. There was a lot of learning about just what we need to perfect and have already begun putting those variables into practice. With a fantastic set of coaches, and a detailed roadmap, the only thing standing in our way now is to try to stay injury free as we prepare for the next few big weekends. 15UA plays in a 16s tournament this weekend under the leadership of Saint Louis Community College Assistant Coach Jameson Stanton. Stanton, who was a standout player on the Mizzou Mens’ Club Volleyball program, is poised to become a great contributor to the growth of our volleyball programs at H2. “I am so excited about the balance of talent and the roles that each of our athletes are beginning to develop into that we are surely going to me the expectations of our pre-season goals”, stated Davis. Go H2!